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Electrical engineering
LED wagon lighting, 145mm

LED wagon lighting, 145mm

Price: 5,90 € incl. VAT plus Delivery Product number.: Eickmann 4429 Weight: 0,00 kg immediately available
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LED lighting wagon loaded with bright SMD LEDs, lenght 145mm

Available in yellow, white, warmwhite, goldenwhite or blue.
Ideal for short or long light vehicles, small and medium-sized passenger car or wagontrains.
These bars can almost always find a place in the roof.
The special SMD LEDs with large viewing angle very pleasant, even light.
It is connected to a maximum of 24 volt power digital and analog power supply (pulsehard on switching, such as AC lines)
A capacitor for anti-glimmer effect can be easily connected to the existing solder pads of the PCB.

The variable brightness control is effected through a regulator on the board.
The power consumption depends on the set brightness.

It is not a toy !


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