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Groove-Cutter for Faller-Car-System

Groove-Cutter for Faller-Car-System

Price: 99,00 € incl. VAT plus Delivery Product number.: Kaleas-Faller 32270 -161669 Weight: 0,00 kg sofort lieferbar *

Groove-Cutter for Faller-Car-System

You like the Faller-Car-System?
So create your grooves in an easy way with this tool, precise width and height of notch.

With this machine you can create new tracks for the Faller-Car-System or implement new guiding wires to expand existing lane systems
the slender design allows working in case of small spaces as well as sharp turns
preset cutting depth for precise working

alternative capabilities
create small, precise notches and any sort of grooves, e.g. adornments, engravements, cable duct, milled contours in modeling

technical data:
weight: 178g
operating voltage: 12V DC
max. power consumption: 80W
rotation speed motor: 9000/min
rotation speed blade: 2025/min
saw blade: D 20mm

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